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My Story about Lice… The Karma

When someone asked, very politely, if getting lice was about karma, I immediately said, “No, no, no! Of course it’s not about Karma!” They looked at me and said, “You think that anyone can get them? For any reason?” I said, “Is that what you think karma is?”

Here I am thinking about the fact that I am about to kill innocent creatures, and here you are thinking that getting lice is a karmic punishment…

You know… there are people on this planet who are very eager to better understand lice… and what better way than to experience their exponential population growth first hand.

Once I thought… “why don’t we just work together?” … They live on human heads, how funny is it that something can continue to be circulated for so long… knowing very well their ideal home is the territory of an enemy…

Then, you forget how much your children WANTED to stay home today…

If that’s the case… the whole ordeal just added up to more karma than I have time for… next you’re going to tell me, not informing everyone alive about my personal ordeal is also karma.

Someone called telling me that, “I scared them… for no reason.” That it took 3 hours to check everyone in their house. Now, I am on the fence… do I call… one more person? Two more people?  I keep getting a: “No, it’s just YOU!”…

So, I have been collecting a variety of karmic angles to recalculate… the amount of debt… and it turns out… I have determined… it is definitely not karma.

I once had an epiphany, “I have it!” I thought to myself. “Go to the root of the cause!!! Whatever it is??? Go to the root!” This bright idea led me to hang out with someone who didn’t get the lice memo. A week later… I said, “Nevermind… going to the root is how I got them in the first place…”

At this point society wins… Stay AWAY from the root! Yes! Division is key!

Sometimes… we, as in society… evolve together. We all take part. It is okay to live out the mess of lice… it just keeps us united on one level.


I sincerely apologize for the perspectives about karma that I have left out. They’re for a different day. This post is in the end a spiritual tale and is not based on fact.