Funny Stories

The Fly, The Inverse


“Inverse? Is that the opposite?”… “How would I know? Yes! Sure… it’s the OPPOSITE…”

The Fly, Part 2: The Inverse

Some things in life work in the inverse, such as the fly. The negative is a positive! This is an issue, on so many levels… I can’t even begin to explain my annoyance with this concept. What about my “intuition?” It says the fly is a distraction! BIG ANNOYANCE! It needs to LEAVE… STAT! Now you want me to ‘let them stay?’…’Listen’ to the flies? Where am I going to find them?

Here’s my secret: Don’t bother trying to find them… they will find you… the fly I mean.

Unfortunately the down side is… when you know you need them they are nowhere to be found. See what I mean? It is the PAIN to understanding the symbolic nature of the inverse… already lost?

When do we most need the fly?… the winter time…?

When I said… “I hate this sound, go away!” … I really meant, “I love the fly… stay really really close!”

No, we are not conscious of it. Of course, on a subconscious level, we  really “love the fly.”

 The real question is: When does the two-way mirror stop? How do we escape the inverse…?

If I were to say, know “all sides of yourself… so nature does not have to show them to you…” I am really pushing the concept of “spiritual mirroring.”

Life decided for you, we find some part of us annoying… I can’t put my finger on which part exactly…

When life can no longer teach you who you are by… by attracting EVERYTHING you are NOT… you get a gold star for reaching an EXTREMELY high state of spiritual development. Congratulations!

It is not very common… Most of us are not there right now… so, yes, how annoying do you find “the fly?” It may represent how annoying you find something else…

I can’t quite say if it’s “you,” “another part of you,” or your “other half”… your guess is as good as mine…

End note: This post can be interpreted in multiple ways. It is mostly humorous in nature and is intended to very strategically capture a comedic photograph of how we think “around” an issue that may bother us… in life/society/ about ourselves. It is an artistic/spiritual/and comedic scroll of thoughts about annoyance and is not based on fact. I hope you enjoyed it! (This post was originally posted on May 21st, 2016 and reedited on Dec. 14th, 2016. A few lines have been removed, and the phrase “another part of you” has been added to the last line, and minor adjust may have tailored the piece to focus on flies. Apologies for the changes!)