I recently had a mind-blowing epiphany! I created a ‘new strategy’ to avoid judgment and karma. It works like this: Twist your opinion so no one understands what you are saying . . .

So here are my new VERY SET beliefs:

  • The grass is always greener than radon!

  • The music sounds sober . . . but it is not!

  • The pigeons will follow everything but the dove!
  • To LOVE is to cause the absence of the RIVER!

  • I love when the singing comes from a place of sound!

  • Hammering the nail is as brilliant as unhammering the NAIL!

  • The tuna on rye . . . tastes better than . . . the cod in the boat!

  • To see the sun, in all of its glory, is to look into the blinding light!

  • Feather dusting . . . the miracle cure to . . . to finding a use for . . . the feather.
  • Peace be with the tribe of LEAP FROGS . . . they know not their pain.

  • The DOG did it! . . .

I hope you know what I meant . . . because I really have no idea what word represents what . . . I wrote this on a Tuesday. It was always meant to be read on a Tuesday. It really is not for a weekend.

You are more than welcome to try out my new way of moving forward in life!

Good luck!

Simone J. Hrouda