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What is Truth? The Pyramid of Truth

Photo: Asheville, North Carolina, 2012

The Pyramid of Truth: An Evolving Compass

Every step on the pyramid represents a level of understanding of truth. As we evolve we move up the pyramid; however something of value is retained from every level. According to my system, ‘ego death’ occurs right after ‘truth is invisible.’ As we evolve we reconfigure what each level of the pyramid means to us, letting go of some truths and keeping others.


Most Perspectives

7.God is Truth

6._Truth is Invisible_

5.___Absolute Truth___

4.______Truth is Love_____

3.______Power is Truth______

2.________Truth is Relative________

1._____________I am Truth____________

Least Perspectives

Why is this an ‘evolving’ pyramid? To the left I indicate that as we evolve the number of perspectives we incorporate into what we are aware of as truth increases. Yet, even ‘truths’ entire unique to only our perspective still hold value. We keep something from every level as we evolve. The goal is to find comfort and understanding at all levels. Read more below. The important thing to be aware of is that every level reroutes our perception of reality, so it is more important to think about which level you are currently most comfortable at, and which notions are easier to view from that level. It is okay to spend time exploring each conceptualization of truth. Also, look at which levels are not so easy to understand. Come back later and to check if you see the table differently.


 The Seven Levels

  1. I am Truth: My own perspective is truth. To someone this may mean our own individual opinions and perception of reality must be true. As we evolve it may shift our understanding of this stage to: my individuality is truth, even if only ‘I’ am the only one fully aware of it, my truth matters.
  2. Truth is Relative: Truth is viewed in relation to something. There is a common system and in relation to the system, some things are true. If the system disappears or changes, then ‘truth’ changes. It is the example: “I can’t run.” Do you mean you can only jog slowly? Do you mean people think you cannot run? If ‘running’ is defined by a group as ‘jogging quick enough for certain muscles to engage is a unique fashion,’ and you can’t meet the criteria, your truth is relative to the group’s definition of running.
  3. Power is Truth: There is power behind it, it must be true. There are positive and negative examples of when the powerful force wins.
  4. Truth is Love: Only Love is Real. At one stage we only focus on what we ourselves see as love, at another stage we see even the ‘bad’ with love.
  5. Absolute Truth: Truth is consistent and can be defined with words. Absolute truth can be viewed by all. This is a matter of understanding. How can we confirm this? We acknowledge ways of communication that verify our connection to basic principles of truth.
  6. Truth is Invisible: We can’t see truth. We start to evaluate the parts of truth we missed because they are invisible. We realize the theories we do not believe, in an isolated system we cannot see, hold value. For example, a perfect replica of the past.


  1. God is Truth: Take everything into consideration, and only ‘God’ can do that. We evolve to that state and connect fully with ‘source, the whole, the deity within, . . . and to some: the holy . . .’

DISCLAIMER: The explanations are a culmination of channelings and experiences. That being said a lot of basic spiritual concepts are commonly channeled or intuitively learned by more than one individual with a new set of eyes. I apologize for any misinterpretation of this message, as none of this information was found through sources other than channeling, it is a rearrangement of a lot of concepts currently circulating in society, and I have never found anything like it before. The pyramid was channeled by Simone Hrouda, in the year 2016. The pyramid itself does resemble the 7 major chakras.