Spiritual Stories

Intuition’s Perspective… On Intuition, By Simone J. Hrouda

One man says to another, “My intuition tells me… I could be wrong.”

The second man says, “If my intuition tells me that ‘said’ intuition could be wrong… it could be right!”

The first man says, “Huh?”

The second man says, “Unless my intuition tells me…my intuition of believing my intuition of being wrong could be wrong… in that case…

… I think I am right.”

The first man looks at the second man and asks, “Is that true in all cases?”

The second man continues, “I think if my intuition of questioning when my intuition, when said intuition is verifying that my secondary intuition is nullifying my initial intuition of being right, did in fact interfere with my secondary intuition, and that makes my secondary intuition plausibly wrong, making my third frame of intuition very true…possibly, unless in fact accurate statistics enter the picture…. but in all cases…

…. then …

I must agree with my intuition.”

The first man says, “That doesn’t work.”

The second man said,On the contrary!… It does!!!”