This article is written by a Kundalini Reiki Master. All information it contains is channeled through spiritual means and cannot be scientific in nature. The practice is faith-based. It contains nothing scientific, factual, nor evidentiary in nature.


Spiritually, more value is given to the cyclic nature of time in relation to the development of each chakra. Though this is believed to be a simple and subtle level to our existence, awareness of the process allows us to stay in sync with our spiritual nature.

Each year, our body is focused on the expansion and further deepening of one chakra in the body. Year 0-1 of our lives, we focus on the root chakra. Between the ages of 0-7 we experience the first cycle through all 7 major chakras (year 1-2 sacral chakra, year 2-3 solar plexus chakra, year 3-4 heart chakra… etc. ), and between the ages 7-8 start a new cycle focusing once again on the root chakra. By the time we reach 21, we have cycled through the chakras 3 times and have “matured” and incorporated, accessed, and acknowledged information during that time.

Every day is of our lives in important. Within one year, the body has 365 days to unravel timed occurrences stored within a chakra. This is my spiritual belief and Kundalini Reiki gives value to this process. Kundalini Reiki stresses the value in a calm and nurturing state for the chakras to move through their natural development.

This is vital!!!

The spiritual belief is that when the second cycle reaches our 3rd eye (our intuition chakra) at the age of 13, our destiny in regards to soul purpose moves in! How exciting! This may or may not affect the direction of our interests and ideas from that point on wards. Personally, I was in science class at that time… where were you?

You can self calculate which chakra you are currently at in regards to this cycle, and with some awareness of the 7 major chakras, assess your current life lessons, or (my favorite) rethink about the overarching theme to each year of your life.