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Divine Purpose: What is it? An introduction…(revisited)

We have so many purposes in life! You Divine Purpose is very special!

My favorite thing about Kundalini Reiki is that the art form values our natural, comfortable, relaxed state of being.  When talking about Divine purpose this is key to understanding that our Spirit is perfect the way it is! Of course, there is always room for natural variance!

The belief in Kundalini Reiki is that life sets you up for success! Your childhood, environment, family, all contributed to your Divine purpose in some way. What I mean is: It is something within your reach!

What is special about the Divine purpose? The Divine purpose is linked to your “frame of thinking,” which is the intuitive structure that guides us in how we think. It is our natural limit, regardless of how much we learn, grow, or change. This is because it shapes our perspective on the world, and therefore stays with us as we learn lesson after lesson.

Take a pair of binoculars for example. You look through them and see a selected image. If you change out the frame or lens, what you see changes even if the image remains the same. Your pair of binoculars might zoom in on different details, another person may look through a different pair and see a slightly wider range of details, or a slight variation of color.

This frame is linked directly to the beliefs, emotions, ideas, necessary for your Divine purpose. If you are not serious in nature, you probably do not need an extremely “serious” Divine purpose, as your spirit is not here to be someone you are not! The same applies if you are detail-oriented, authoritarian in nature, or value information word for word.

The Divine purpose is one we walk towards, live, encompass everyday. It is the place we ultimately reach once our ego is released, and as everyone is different, not all Divine purposes are directly spiritual in nature. Someone could be a race car driver, horse whisperer, or a mechanic.

This frame structures our thoughts in order, scope, and focus. When you look at a tree: Do you notice the roots, the size, or the texture? Our Divine purpose reminds us why our own analysis/interpretation of information/or eye sight is so important! It keeps us aligned to a perspective we are fully capable of understanding!

There you have it! An introduction to … Divine Purpose!

Disclaimer: This post is by a Kundalini Reiki Master and is based off of channelings, intuitive knowledge, and spiritual practice of Kundalini Reiki, as a faith-based/spiritual/intuitive practice. This means the information is NOT based on research. There are gaps in information, please forgive the absence of perspectives as the piece is rather condensed, and understand that various interpretations may vary.