Kundalini Reiki Concepts

Back-Stitching: Repeating a line

Back-stitching is a term derived from the driving forward and backwards over a stitch using a sewing machine. If we imagine this stitch as a phrase, it is the repeating of the same thing in perfect form. This technique is used to learn something on many levels. Either the message cannot be fully absorbed with a single use, or the meanings depth cannot be reached by a one time reading. The more you see the phrase, the more you are able to reading into the structured meaning.

Take concepts that do not change: The notion the foot is still called a foot. The moon is still in orbit. The weather patterns are still weather patterns. Not all information is suitable for this type of repeat. You see that for a phrase to be deemed back-stitch worthy, it needs to be timeless, meaning new ideas will not interfere with it. Take the following three additional examples:

Feed the hungry.

Support true love.

The human experience is multidimensional.

Some phrases are timeless and we come back to them regardless of new information presented in circulation. Some art forms are to capture that knowledge in its perfect form. That is taking the concept and applying it to a physical art form. Take hitting a drum consistently, repeating a line of music, or holding a note. The same lesson repeated over and over again retains its value and can be enjoyed indefinitely.

Teachers are okay with the understanding of their knowledge base, both those which adhere to back-stitching principles, and those that believe some knowledge is transitionary.

Certain individuals are more okay with the idea of repeatable knowledge. Others do not want to repeat anything! This is very important in acknowledging who you are and what you are here to do.

Make note of the concept! It is sure to resurface… over and over … and over again.

Part of Simone J. Hrouda’s concept catalog of information related to Kundalini Reiki. The notion is channeled, intuitively, spiritually derived and is commonly used to frame notions related to Kundalini Reiki. It is not research-based.