Kundalini Reiki Concepts

The Line By Line Divide

This is a Kundalini Reiki concept that acknowledges that information can be divided into categories. The moment more information is accessed we arrange it in different ways. Some lines/sentences/information can be sorted immediately and other times we create necessary and unnecessary divisions to sort information. This is largely due to factors outside of our control!

The first example deals with divides in physical form. It divides spices in our kitchen cupboard into 4 separate categorizations.

Example 1:

  1. Spices
  2. Spices and seasonings
  3. Spices and herbs and minerals
  4. Spices and herbs and minerals, and combinations

As far as Kundalini Reiki is concerned the line by line divide separates natural information accessible to someone based on their original desire.

The next example is to help people with what their natural tendencies are. By creating a line between certain mind frames, it over specializes an individual to a specific frame of work.

Example 2: “I want to be a teacher!”

  1. Teacher
  2. Presenter
  3. Tutor
  4. Teacher who presents
  5. Parent teaching a child

The reason why I include the last category is that teaching in its standard form includes being a role model of certain standards and bridging knowledge with someone: “How to tie your shoes, brush your teeth, get ready in the morning, etc.” This list of 5 examples is not all-inclusive, but serves to divide different frames of teaching.

Do you want to be someone who tailors to the student, working off of your and their knowledge base? Or a presenter who simply provides information! Somewhere in the middle? Right there is a new divide!

The last example below is the inverse: lack of the divide in order to be more inclusive in a desire. Some individuals remove or add divides due to perspective of preference!

Example 3:  Saying: “I want a vehicle.” Then meaning…

  1. I want something with wheels!
  2. I want something that runs!
  3. I want something with a roof!
  4. I want something new!

All of the examples above create a different interpretation of vehicles and leave out several divides, making the frame unique and inclusive.

The reason for these distinctions is that the placement of our divides vary, and can cause both relief and conflict depending on how we interpret information and accurate desires!

No, we cannot all have the same divides, as professionals in different areas of specialties tend to have a unique interpretation of necessary/pertinent/valid divides! This means we are going to differ naturally! Again, this means a teacher may divide students or not depending on the teacher’s main purpose. A request may be broad or vague depending on the need or precision necessary to fulfill the request. A job may require a specific type of thinking or allow for multiple types of “thinkers” depending on what the task requirements entails. This concept comes up a lot! This was just the basic structural notion.

How many divides did I write into the piece? How many did I leave out? Did you find any hints to my “loose” interpretation of words? I’ll help you out “something that runs” could be further divided immediately… with concrete divisions “on fuel/ in its current condition/smoothly…” Those divides are important to some people!

Spirituality challenges our notion of “assumed interpretation of knowledge” and that is why this notion of “divides” is so important. On a broad note, “we make assumptions/presuppositions/deduce information everyday.” On a spiritual note, there are ways to enliven our current divides to see our habits of deduction whether conscious or subconscious, by simply acknowledging where our assumptions are going to stay/appear frequently/can or cannot change depending on our strengths and weaknesses/knowledge base/field of expertise… or my personal favorite: Individual frame of Spirit.

An introduction to The Line By Line Divide…

Part of Simone J. Hrouda’s concept catalog of information related to Kundalini Reiki. The notion is channeled, intuitively, spiritually derived and is commonly used to frame notions related to Kundalini Reiki by Simone J. Hrouda on this site. This concept explanation is solely for that purpose.