None of the information below has been proven! It is based off of channelings of the spiritual nature, and the “loose” message is what is most important! (This is not for those currently in partnerships, it’s VERY basic framework on Twin Flames, a spiritual concept!)

The path to Twin Flames and soul mates is always unique! The information below is to remind individuals something about the relationship framework linked to who we are! Maybe something will resonate. I just wanted to remind people, ego’s restrict, spirit allows! It’s aligning with our “natural state” that can link us to those most compatible! Use this list to get us to think of an ideal partnership frame!

Remember that our love connections come from a place where we are always happy! They are with us our whole lives and can’t simply leave! Find time to go back and rediscover what always moved your heart, no matter what year, day, or time! What activities? Clothing styles? People? What always made you HAPPY? Then try the exercises below to frame your sense of ideal/natural/comfortable “relationship,” to know what you want to move towards!

An Exercise

Remember that your energy field was designed to fit two people, both you and your Twin Flame originated as one! Look in the mirror and acknowledge a Twin Flame would connect exactly where your energy field ends! That means your outer edges fit perfectly together! Try and outline your being and look carefully to see just where the outer edge cuts off!

Next: Think back to your ideal emotional range/state/frame!

Remind yourself what emotional frames or limits you find most naturally comfortable! The ones that makes you happy!

  • Are you truly an emotional, sentimental, or sensitive soul (not the same as sensitive)?
  • Are you more physically inclined to link to a partner through activities or movement?
  • Or would you rather expand mentally, and find yourself more mobile and expansive in the spiritual sense? (Does your mind travel too fast to fully sense out emotional awareness immediately?)

None of these can quite solidify your frame but it can remind you that you are unique! You don’t have to stretch so far as you think to become something you are not! Relationship frames are always with us! These hints are not always accurate, the key is what is your primary answer above? The reason why these three are separate is that their happiest states conflict (perhaps)!

Also, map out what emotions can you tolerate? Are you lighthearted? Deep, and soulful? Prefer to express yourself in all types of volumes, or want to simply sustain one quiet tone continuously? The key here is “tolerate.

Now for the good stuff! Do you want a complement or a “partner?” Do you divide roles? Or did you want someone to collaborate with on everything? What type of frame is yours?

  1. Independent Frames: You take up your full role! When your role is taken, you can’t really shine!
  2. Dependent Frames: You share in cooking! Breathing! Co-teaching! It lights you up!
  3. Part Independent, Part Dependent: A little of both? You cook together, work separately?

Be honest! Forget confining yourself to limiting ideologies and remember that egos simply move us to places, people, and frames of living that are not right for us! Or maybe… love is more complex… and this is just a “hint” to feeling out the whole sense of yourself! Whatever thoughts it stirs, I hope you get to take away something positive from the piece!

With Love,

Simone Hrouda

All of the information above has not been proven and is based off of a channeled Twin Flame system linked to the chakras, the higher heart chakra, and the higher chakras. More Twin Flame information is always on its way! It’s just tedious! The rules stretch on for pages!