A story about The Fantasy “Plane?”

The Fantasy Plane is one of the five subconscious planes, you know? The five planes that fly by but you don’t see them? Can’t find their wings? Better yet, you probably can’t even know they exist!

This so-called “plane” is actually quite popular and is accessed by many spiritualists through meditation, but of course . . . since it is subconscious . . . those who do find it: never know about it! You see, the thing about a subconscious plane is, in order for it to remain subconscious, it really has to stay hidden! Once you find it, I mean, once you really really find it, it has to change its name to The Conscious Plane, right?

Anyways, it is a vastly extensive plane that allows for the emergence of ideas by all passengers, including temporary experiences or knowledge, without the added stress or burden of the human layers to existence, you know, structure, reality, and plausibility.

All this means is that which is experienced or created through our mind’s imagination on the fantasy plane, stays only a creation, what is left is our own remembrance, experience, and new frame of mind, which is really simply invisible knowledge we’ll always know subconsciously . . . ?

Again, what is left are the lessons from our “stories” on the plane, we’ve all had some, and when our trips remain in alignment with the plane’s purpose, we don’t fear its creations, or feel any burden from its use (bear in mind, it’s invisible, unknowable, and impossible to hold).

The secret to The Fantasy Plane is as subconsciously, it remains whole, it won’t stay in our awareness too long! Just wait! Soon it will return to its home: the subconscious mind . . . and once again peace will be with everyone, as the plane itself has places to go and people to see!

The Fantasy Plane: It’s invisible . . . and once again . . . poof! It’s gone!

Disclaimer: This is a purely fictitious story, about a plane that remains subconscious.

This is an edited version of the original (The Subconscious Planes: The Fantasy Plane, posted February 2, 2017), though revised, reedited, and reposted on June 15, 2017, I’ve kept the old date. I apologize to anyone who wants the original, as I’ve decided to take it down permanently.