As a Kundalini Reiki Master, my work has led me to spend hours, one might say months, others could say years working on the concept of “thought templates.” This being the “driest concept” ever to be investigated in the spiritual sense, I am very aware of how “overlooked, underappreciated, and misunderstood,” thought templates are in the present day.

So, what is a “thought template?”

Theoretically speaking . . . it’s a rather systematic, standard, sometimes individualized form of thinking appropriate structurally for a specific “spirit, individual type, or person.”

Boring . . .

So, you know, I’ll write a thought template, and I’ll see very clearly the “variation” be it “ego” or “spirit” that are allowed to “exist” whether temporary or permanently, or even in a transitionary form.

Example: The dancer, “I am. I move. I flow. I don’t think . . .” (Standard divine form) The obvious variations here are subject to much criticism.

The WORST thing about these “templates” is they (theoretically speaking of course) allude to the fact that some forms of thinking in their highest form eliminate “diversity” . . . I’ll battle this concept! They “isolate,” they “redefine your skill sets,” they allow for individuals to specialize rather than overwhelm themselves with tasks, purposes, additional jobs that do not fit. The Pros are they help ease the pressure of forced thinking, the Cons are they erase the need of motivated practices.

Kundalini has this reputation . . . ahum . . . ahum . . . to “align” individuals, and this so-called alignment indicates there is “something” to which we may be “aligned.” Granted, it tests our idea of freewill and ego-based dreams. All of which may be overlooked if in fact those dreams are in fact are aligned with your highest will . . . perhaps.

In the end, they matter immensely and very little, but if you can’t find truth in both sides of the spectrum, and fail to see the value in maintaining both truths, all of the thought put into “thought templates” is still, as always, entirely more valuable than ever.

Love always,

Simone J. Hrouda

Kundalini Reiki Master

Disclaimer: This is simply a post containing both a created idea of thought templates and simultaneously a polite sarcastic joke about them! Ex. The thought template, says “I don’t think!” Get it? This is NOT a serious interpretation of thought templates, and though useful to some, it can be disregarded for serious knowledge. Thank you for reading.