Let’s start with today’s topic: Total and utter disregard of status for any reason!

There are three major dilemmas that I know of . . .

Example 1: There’s thee  . . . “I don’t care about status, I’m all FOR giving the new guy a shot!” I disregard status for my heart’s sake ❤

Example 2: Then there’s thee . . . “I have status, I earned it, I have it, it may ‘blend’ IT’s THERE!” No one sees my status!

Example 3: Lastly there’s thee . . . “My status shaped an understanding of my field TOO far from my clientele, help!” . . . People walk away from my status!!!

I really LOVE to kill egos. So here is the message I wanted to share today, that egos can disregard status! Can your “spirit?”  I don’t know! Mine is fickle!

Is it necessary to always hold status at the forefront of your mind? Of course not! Is there always time to give the new guy a shot? Is there always a “rare” time to give credit to those without status– absolutely! The issue is: you cannot disproportionally omit the value of status in society!!! I just wanted to bring up these examples. I stand behind this view. That means it holds far more value than we think! It matters! Yes, I may be highlighting it! That is what one post is for . . .

As for my examples, they are ALL super challenging to find! It’s just a reminder, to think three times about egos before we question status!

My daily thoughts 🙂


Simone J. Hrouda

Kundalini Reiki Master

(Please, remember this is NOT comprehensive! I picked 3 quick examples for a post! The goal was to get you thinking about the concept! I do hope it sparked some positive thoughts related to status and its role in society. For those who care about example two, you may want to read more about “blending.” Thank you!)