(The 9 COLORS of the Holy/Religious/Spiritual divides of the HOLY Heart Chakra!!!)

The 9 Holy Colors: A Poem

So we UNITE in harmony, with loving arms!!! Alas, the world will know just why we are divided so, there are too many tasks you see, for just you or for just me, and when we all partake and give, we all heal just a little bit, now where will our attention go, will be different, so listen to know, just how we’ll make it you and me, and find the ways to agree, there are 9, ways that matter, and then there are those that choose to splatter, some of you will combine, the rest will only feel Divine!

Some will give to community, others give selectively, then there are those who know they may not even choose to show, they pray, they sit, they heal the tree, they matter a lot to you and me, and what about the system few, who know they have more work to do, and don’t forget the entities who know there is no infinity without a circuit back and through, giving again to me and to you. Some will travel peaceful, for they voyage to harmony, others give, and give they do, to the self, who matters too, and don’t forget about those who preach about the divisions they so seek, for whether one God or many, it shapes the lives, the lives of many. Here it goes, the list you seek . . . and there you have it . . . the END of my speech!!!


  1. FOR THE BLUES!!! They give a lot, to the family they got! It’s truth and honesty they love, and the guidance from up above!
  2. For the REDS!!! They sing and know its positivity, and thanks they show, they flutter, and they thrive, to help the friends who know them deep inside!!!
  3. For the Oranges!!! They too know its faith and honor that makes them glow. They worship you, they worship me, they worship high Divinity!
  4. For the Yellows!!! They don’t find, it’s right to know all of mankind, there are those who know there’s a divide, from the right and the wrong side, not all know it lies within, they soon know the boundary is thin.
  5. For the Purples!!! They will all roam, to find the hero ever deep, the journey’s theirs, it’s theirs to keep. They won’t always know what it is that fuels them so, it’s the passion and desire, to find their strengths, they go much higher!
  6. For the Greens!!! They feel through space, they move with time, and also know how to rhyme! It’s nature and it’s energy, for it’s materials in harmony.
  7. For the Grays!!! It’s heritage they keep that matters most, and the thoughts of those they hold close, the ties they strive to uphold, even when it gets real old. It’s practicality that outshines, the knowledge of the current times.
  8. For the Teals!!! They mobilize their spirituality, to maneuver even in a big city, it’s the deepness inside they seek to cherish, for they never want their ancient knowledge to perish. It’s light they see when they see the sun, that light is not the same to everyone!
  9. For the Maroons!!! These pleasant folks, they find it’s consciousness that rests within, and know their patience never grows thin, it’s just they somehow always know, how to simply just let go!!!

Didn’t that just make you want to be part of all 9??? YAY!!! How great is it to know, ALL of them may shape frames, different beliefs, different ways through defeat!!!

Alas, it’s time to say, not all can really fit, not today, we can’t take on all 9 let’s say, so just simply know we can be, part of 2 or part of 3, one may fit and fit indeed, unless two merge, let’s say two or three. There you have it! The holy heart, who knew?!!

Just know it’s the COLORS! They matter! Soon you’ll see the spiritualists too, will find the colors, the colors they use! Check with the ego, just to see, if time will tell you destiny! In the end, when the ego’s through, which color will you be? Which color will you use??? Is it Red??? Red, yellow, or blue???

When the question is asked: Will it really matter??? Of course! Of course! Let your inner fears shatter!!! The colors have heart, so just know in truth: They’re always be, with you!!! Let your holy heart grow, and see which one fits you!!!



Disclaimer: This poem is loose is form for a reason– it’s a poem! The colors are based on an intuitively guided system. They are not set in a scientific or factual basis, they are the ones used by this spiritualist, Simone J. Hrouda, and she cannot verify their worth by all. Again, they are intuitively channeled, and above all else, it’s a poem!





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