Spiritually "Advanced"

Perspective Wheel Exercise: Guilt!

This brief exercise is simply a “perspective wheel.” This is not meant to show one RIGHT perspective, or signal out one WRONG perspective! It’s simply to remind individuals of “missed perspectives.” What I do for personal growth is view the perspectives proportionally, given who I am and the truth of the matter! A lot of times, when we think of guilt, that means accepting our actions, whether in full or in part wrong and a part right! Which one outweighs the other??? This will depend on the example! (Please remember some people may be more sensitive regarding issues of guilt and this example is just one picked at random!)

Example: I cut in line!

Ouch! Why would you do that???

Perspective Wheel (List!)

  1. There was no sign.
  2. I self admit I’m not as smart as I tell people I am!
  3. I couldn’t see the line.
  4. There is usually no line here, I’m a frequent visitor.
  5. Today is not my day, I’m focused on something else!
  6. I knew it was wrong, everyone else is doing it.
  7. I don’t care about right or wrong.
  8. My friends used to act like this, I haven’t changed since the habit started
  9. My parents never told me not too!!!
  10. My friends don’t seem to care, and their opinions hold more value for some reason . . .
  11. The system never works in my favor, this is me being passive aggressive.
  12. I was in a rush
  13. I hold myself above others
  14. Be nice, it was my first time trying it out, I saw my friends in line.
  15. I left to go to the bathroom, I self decided I want my spot in line back!!! I overruled the social norms.
  16. I followed the social norms, is this not a norm?
  17. I couldn’t find my conscience!
  18. I could . . . and still did it!
  19. I can’t see! I need new glasses! It doesn’t show!
  20. No one says anything ever! That’s the worst part! I thought everyone was “cool” with it!
  21. Please just put the sign up! This area is NOT well trafficked.
  22. I really didn’t know it was wrong? It’s wrong???
  23. It was urgent! It really was! Emergency wins!
  24. I thought it was an emergency! Apparently no one else did. I self decided it was!
  25. I’d do it again, this kind of guilt is of no value to me!
  26. One way or another it was wrong! It’s always WRONG!
  27. I don’t think it’s always wrong? Is it?

You see how assumptions here do not help identify truth? These kinds of (figurative) wheels show both the positives and negatives of an action! I love to write them out and extend to the harsher truths! A lot of individuals love to stop at “it was an accident.” My reason for reminding people about perspectives of truth is so we do NOT to live in the world were “accident” makes it okay! I LOVE when we can acknowledge the positive perspective and the negative in proper proportions! That means we acknowledge both: “it was wrong!” AND “It was a mistake!” A lot of people hold guilt to their own vision, guilt is more powerful when we work together and take other’s perspectives into consideration. This is just my own perspective! I believe this is how we grow!

That is all for today! More on guilt . . . later!


Simone 🙂

Disclaimer: These “perspectives” are not accurate, they are “figurative” and hold no concrete value, nor is this post designed to tell you right from wrong, or indicate the appropriate stance on guilt. A perspective wheel is for many diverse thoughts, some may matter more than others. The list simply gives room for thoughts/perspectives/ideas to be evaluated and NOT overlooked!