The question here truly is which “spiritual thinking template” overrides the other in their highest form? From my personal perspective, that simply means that “tailoring” the yard “to fit” WINS!

I first need to explain that ego needs to be removed here to understand what this means! I personally work with frames of thought, now ideally this means “the gardener’s” ideal frame of thought should win . . . right?

Individuals may all want to override this and say “my personal opinion wins!” This is subject to reasoning? “When?” and “Why?” are both ideal questions to ask here! Understanding the yard is a place of learning, symbolic analogies are free to abundantly blossom! That being said, on an individual level, may hold little or no value in regards to the framework allowed to exist in spiritual alignment. (To be returned to . . .)

To understand this, I ask everyone to differentiate! Picture the ideal, and very basic, thought frame used by those capturing reality: the journalist, the actor, or perhaps the artist. These individuals are not changing their muse! It’s perfect the way it is! Let the garden grow!

Juxtapose individuals of structural nature . . . the editor for example! They may structurally tailor, edit, or change the work to align with environmental rules.

Now . . . in the argument and the battle . . . as it is the gardener’s domain, and I not being a gardener, know one thing . . . their thought frame, “in my eyes,” is such: trim, maintain, section, divide, sort, pick, beautify, measure, and in a week . . . in a day . . . month . . . in a year: do it again!

That is just . . . my opinion.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: This is a perspective piece, it contains information gained through spiritual channeling linked to Kundalini Reiki as seen through the eyes of Simone J. Hrouda. This means the information is not scientific in nature, nor is it comprehensive! This brief piece can in no way shape all views on the subject. Please use discretion when reading, understanding, and interpreting this post, as it is open to literary, spiritual, and structural critique in the form of further thoughts!