Bible Decoding . . . Seir, SeeHEar, Say Ear!

A SuPeR FuN VeRse . . . “DeCoding”

For this interpretation . . . it is about the reading and listening to the sounds! Have fun reading, don’t think everything is already decoded! There’s always more to figure out!

. . .

Verse: The family of Seir (Chronicles 1:38)

Frame: Different languages, gossip, funny, slightly loose, travel

Emotional Tone: Connective! International! Light Laughter! Fun! Polite! Informational!

Key “coded” topics: Tropics! Foreign locations! Holiday! Time! Yellow! Active!

Favorite Phrase: “Hurry and Home AGAIN”**

Most “Fun” Decoding Technique for this Verse: Slide words together and read aloud. Also, the see and hear divide.

Key Question: What is the TOP destination in the WORLD for New Year’s Eve?!?

. . .

THE “Hints”:

  1. Hint One: Chronicles are the “NEWSPAPER” . . . what else is there to read about in this verse, but travel gossip! Where should we go!?! . . .
  2. Hint Two: The Title! How do we know it’s about travel? The entire verse is a list of coded travel options and countries! Also: Make sure to check your foreign language knowledge, as “Seir” is the reversal of the Spanish word irse (as this is a travel section, I’m not surprised), I would interpret this at “reflect before you go . . .” and “See, ear” focus on the sights and sounds!!!
  3. Hint Three: The list of “coded” locations!

Just a START at the Countries/Locations/Places . . .

“Manahath” Manhattan (Check for hand work)

It–Alian” Don’t look for it, I’d suggest it’s the people’s culture not necessarily the place (Italy). I always check if some part of the word is missing something is invisible—here that is the “it.”

“Jaakan”—I’d interpret “Ja—Afrikan”—remember it’s not FREE, not cold, not . . . no frying (in the heat)! (J Or Japan 😀 More options are yours to find)

O-nam” may be the Holy-name. (Hints at Vietnam)

“Ebal”– 3bal, Tribal

.. .

There’s a LOT of more countries . . . I’m NOT helping :-D***

Sections of Verse

The breakdown in categories by section of the verse leads to a variety of angles: Countries by climate, travel method, holiday, journey/route, artificial, yellow things. It also alludes to names I’ve chosen to omit. Think square, cubes, 3s and 2s, as some patterns are brought up twice and others three times, also circles and spheres are mentioned. As with all “gossip” I too wouldn’t want to confirm the BEST destinations, or make the reading easy to decode. I must admit the letter D does come up one too many times! This leads to the 2-D/3-D connection.

Some of my favorite parts:

LoTan,” where would the sun be?

“Shephi” is fun to read. Could be for hike around Greece? 😀

High or low? Hello? Will someone please check both?

“2-D or 3-D? 40? No, definitely not 4-Ds!”

The end, the “bilhan” section (1:42), indicates everything you need for a roadtrip . . . including AKA van, paper money, awareness of body odor . . .

Again, you can read the entire verse, this is just a few roads to travel to down. I always end on sand? What about you?

Why on New Year’s Eve???

“Shobal” (1:40, 1:38) (A dancing ball, A Showball, a snowball . . .!) Very likely locations of beautiful spheres, spheres in winter time (though I have not clearly explored this in all perspectives) think NEW YEAR’s EVE! There are a few routes that led to travel in summer,  and then the opposite: winter. This is NOT the only divide found, think highs and lows, or natural and artificial.

Summary of “Hints”:Yellow!”, sunlight, energy-oriented, alien, Lights! Divides, Divides in sight and sound, truth, money, freebies, tribes, tribal, tropical fruit (pineapple, bananas), active, Air, errand, Running, shapes, Time, yearly, Consistency, facts only, 2s and 3s, 2-D, 3-D, desir, predictions, hot or cold,  billboards, hold the positive perspective, Seer, “End” Time: 1:38, 1:39, Tribal, Triangle, adjacent, exponential, a remote, historical. . . and Say CHEESE—take a picture, Confetti, PROPOSAL, (Definitely, NOT spiritually centered frame!)


Now what is the frame!? Travel!!! Remember this verse is EXTRA consistent!

Each sentence is the same . . . and the word repeated quite often is “Dishon.”(1:38,1:41, 1:41) ^^

Obviously, “Dish on” is the fun interpretation meaning we can “dish” “gossip” or “spread word of our travels” in a very nice (list-like fashion) . . .

But . . . like any traveler knows . . . it’s always about the “DISH” Start eating! (Try the food :-D)*****



. . . What about the New Year’s Eve answer???  I can’t tell you!!! You’ll have to find out for yourself!

SOLVE THE PUZZLE  . . . find the location all the hints point to, and you’ll get your answer!!!

Sorry guys, some puzzles. . . you have to solve yourself!SHshShSh . . . Don’t tell anyone . . . not all Dish needs to spreaD 😀

Yep! Fun it is! Much love . . . Simone J. Hrouda


** Chronicles 1:39, “Hori and Homam”. . . for my interpretation, read it the way it is: Hurry and Home (I) am. If the I is missing, ego may be gone, or need to be gone. Opposite interpretation: this statement only applies if the “eye” is gone and you’re not looking 😀
***I hesitate ON names, as with any interpretation OVERLAPPING names may be visible but I’d stick to the location name closest to the text first before exploring more. Also, the theme “adjacent” arises . . . so don’t omit proximity.
*****Clever how “gossip” hints at drinking and “dishon” hints at eating! 😀 I would think that it shows this verse is meant to be “FUN! GOOFY! Newspaper worthy read!”
^^ “Dishon” could be “Shoshone tribal locations” 2-suns, sun rise and sunset, I would think since the divide is at the letter h . . . more sunsets! Not 9, 8th letter!(It’s I divide and H divide, eye or hear, and the simple greeting:hi!)


The Holy Bible. New King James Version. Precious Moments Bible. Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1984. Nashville.


Disclaimer: This post was written for FUN! This is the author’s interpretation and links to information challenged by the author Simone J. Hrouda. No knowledge is solidified by fact. This interpretation is “loose,” though to which extent is subjective to opinion and frame. How “loose” may change your understanding of this post. This interpretation is NOT intended to define a literary interpretation of the verse, and therefore caution is advised. The information is NOT truth in terms of the names I have indicated. Please note the use of the word “truth” indicates the notion of truth (such as facts) that is brought up in the verse, and no absolute truth is determined by this or any of the information above. Replicating this post is illegal.
I Apologize for any information you may deem as inaccurate, the interpretation offers precarious perspectives on decoding The Bible, some of which change the countries indicated.


coming-home-9-12-039Brief Author Bio: Simone J. Hrouda combines her love for linguistics, mathematics, and spirituality in every post. She studied applied linguistics at PSU, then went on to teach high school geometry, and later on to become a Reiki practitioner. Her interest in language, math, and spiritual skills led her to decoding the FUN perspectives of The Bible. It’s her standardized vision, own perspective, and understanding of the text that makes her interpretation so unique.


(Copyright 2017, Simone J. Hrouda)