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June, 2017 062Welcome to my blog! This is a blog dedicated to the center of the Holy Heart Chakra! This is a place for love, light, and comedic sentiments that move us to an inner peace, finding the love of a dove, and more importantly finding that bright connection that binds all humans together . . . in tug-of-war!!!

Just What Direction Are We Moving? Mountains move us here and there and directionally up! We may just all be moving towards our spiritual heights in strategically different directions! Do they all lead to the same state? Our ideal version of self? I love spiritual hierarchies: respect, kindness, unconditional love, and then truth? . . . wait! I forgot the rest! The self comes before the group? In what context? This blog, though highly “comedic” in nature, and though it may go just an “inch” too far into “lightness” and “laughter,” somewhere the “embedded messages” are yours to adjust to your own eyes.

coming-home-9-12-039Topic Explored on the Blog:

  • Spirituality
  • Religion
  • Holy Heart Chakra
  • Daily Life
  • Spiritual Games
  • Spiritual Stories
  • Truth
  • Unconditional Love
  • Evolving Hierarchies
  • Twin Flames


The TRUTH  . . . It’s hard to find! Even harder when you start LOOKING! So, take a break! Relax! Enjoy the blog for what it is . . . questionable wisdom, virtues, and witty delightful twists of knowledge, sarcasm and Spirit, in the hope that that which love holds as deeply sacred perseveres knowing that there are Truths that cannot change.

end-of-april-2016-001Unconditional love ends where? Nowhere, my friend!  This blog is basically to bridge “life” with the Holy Heart Chakra, and that means the wide spectrums of spiritual topics are incorporated, and sometimes even isolated contextually for the sake of literary enjoyment. Please forgive me.


A “Short” Poem . . . The Turn

I’d turn just once and go, back to the beginning. And on the second round I’d turn back 1-7 pages, it’s time, it’s mind, it’s ideally direction. The question will remain, to turn in which direction? Directionally, you see, it’s front to back, it’s up or down, it’s narrow thee direction! And when you really stop and think, it’s give up the intention!

And when it is I’ll turn to you, I’ll have to look a new direction, there’s a road from me to you, returning the perfection. It doesn’t matter quite the way, the turning of direction. That is the problem of the day, rotationally thinking! For when it is you do return, return in imperfection.

And when you turn, and turn again, and walk in three directions, turn the pages to the end, lose sight of the direction . . . up or down, right or wrong, you always will, no matter what intentions, and when you do return . . . return to me.


Copyright 2018, Simone J. Hrouda